get  a highly rewarded academic qualification , special  grooming  and  social  skills training  by professionals  


Shri Rasiklalji Dhariwal

  Manikchand Dhariwal Institute (M.D.I.M.R.T.)
 strives to  produce meticulous,   industrialists & dynamic professionals who would take on any career challenge   with ease.  The  management of  the  institute  is striving  for  the promotion of
  quality education at  all  levels with  exceptional  facilities,  which I am sure the
  students are greatly benefiting from.

  M.D.I.M.R.T. provides the students with a platform to showcase their expertise
  and to bring out the best in themselves.

  I am sure that under the able guidance of our expert  faculty our students will
  do proud for their families and our society in coming years.

  I wish them all the best for a bright future.”


   Corporate requirements are ever changing and so is the system of education.
   Education  is  not  merely  the acquisition of  knowledge, but it is the ability to
   think. To do full justice to the word  ‘Education’,  we at M.D.I.M.R.T. have done
   all in  our capacity to  produce the most resourceful and competent team of IT
   professionals  who  have  persistently  received  that  extra  input  which  has
   helped them become competent, intelligent and innovative individuals  of  the

   We  aim  to  train  students  holistically  by  encouraging  them to strive hard
   towards excellence in every field.  We try to  inculcate in  them awareness of
   their  responsibilities  towards  society.  We endeavor to impart education at
   par with  the  best  management  institute of  national  repute and make our
   institution a center of knowledge and excellence.

   We are committed to develop the talent of each and every student.”